What Is the Government’s Role in US Health Care?


The role or government in healthcare is quite far reaching. The health sector is going to get quite big in the coming decades. It is estimated that it could take up about 40% of all GNP of the US by 2050. As a result, it is significant that one understands what role the government plays in this sector.

Putting Things into Perspective

What Is the Government’s Role in US Health CareAs of now, healthcare costs the US two trillion annually. About six hundred billion of all these money is used up in administration. However, this amount is almost double of what other countries spend around the world. These are countries that have higher life expectancy than the United States.

In addition, the system is not able to cover about forty million people. The reason for this is that they have a very low income or they do not have any work. Incentive programs by the government are just not robust enough. They have to be able to go further so as to offer more people cover.

What the Experts Say

What Is the Government’s Role in US Health CareSome experts believe that the government should expand its role in healthcare. As of now, the government’s main role is regulation. However, this has meant that the private sector only focuses on profit making. In addition, the incentives that the government offers these private insurance companies are not taken up. In fact, most insurance companies avoid the very people such programs are meant to help. Experts suggest that the government sweeten the deal for insurance companies. As a result, when they comply with the incentives offered, the get better benefits.

There are those who feel that the government should also be directly involved in offering medical cover to the people. The main opposition comes from people who do not want to pay higher taxes. They feel that that is a move towards socialism, which they oppose. However, the reason for this is that they may be lacking in education. By giving them information, they may be able to see the long-term benefits of such a move. The government would be able to save up more for the economy in the end.

What Role Does the Government Play?

The main role it plays is to regulate the marketplace. It ensures that insurance companies are no colluding at the expense of the citizens. It ensures that everyone gets a fair deal and that competition determines what people have to pay.

The government also regulates the standards of the sector. It ensures that medical providers adhere to a particular code of conduct. It is enforced through fines and at times, jail sentences. It is also keen to ensure that patients receive quality medication. As a result, it has established an agency that has to approve all drugs that meet certain criteria. It also controls who can access these drugs. It is to ensure that drugs are not abused.


The role of the government in the US health sector is quite minimal. However, this role could expand significantly in the future. It will all depend on what the legislative arm of government decides.

Is Hot Bath Necessary for Health?


Few pleasures in life feel as good as taking a nice hot bath after a long day at work. Scientific facts are supporting the benefits of a hot bath. Since ancient times, taking a bath by a hot spring or bathing in hot water has always been something of great significance. With the invention of the water heater, it made it possible for people to take hot baths from home instead of going to hot springs. Here are some of the benefits one gains:

Do Not Make It Too Hot

Hot Bath Necessary for HealthHot baths are an excellent way to relax. However, if they are made too hot, they can make it hard to relax. It is especially the case for people who suffer insomnia. One needs to make the bath just hot enough. As a result, the water heater needs to be turned on just moderately. If one likes taking baths first, a tankless water heater is the best route to use or a point of use water heater installed in your bathroom which allows you hot water on demand (see more here) allowing you to take your hot bath without running out of hot water. If the water temperature is way high hot, it will rev the nervous system too much. As a result, relaxation will remain an illusion.

The Health Benefits

During a hot bath, body temperature shoots up significantly. The first benefit to this is that the blood circulation rises significantly. It means that more blood is supplied to the organs in the extreme edges of the body. Increased blood flow will mean that more nutrients are transferred to the body organs.

The other main benefit is that a higher temperature causes on to sweat more. Sweating has many benefits for the human body. It helps to get rid of toxins trapped within the body. These are dangerous compounds that could have an adverse effect on the body. The effect of taking a hot bath is that toxins are eliminated. For one, simple ailments like a common cold disappear much faster after a hot shower. To ensure full benefits, one should always take water before and after the bath. It helps to keep the body hydrated.

Hot Bath Necessary for HealthWhen there is increased body temperature, there is a great health benefit for the mind. Endorphins are chemicals that help to put the mind at ease. They are the same types of compounds released after an intense workout. These chemicals are also released during a hot bath. They help to calm down the mind and thus help one to sleep better. They also work well in helping to cure mild and intense headaches. One will also notice they are in high moods more often if the take hot baths on a regular basis.

Hot baths help with relaxation too. If one is always tense, a hot bath can help one learn how to relax naturally. It helps one gain better control of their nerves. As a result, one can more easily release tension from their body.


A hot bath is an impressive means of relaxation. One can make things more interesting by choosing the right showerhead. Some showerheads will increase the pressure of the water, which can be soothing. It is something worth considering.

Water Hardness in the US


Water is full of dissolved minerals that are found naturally in nature. However, two specific types of minerals create problems for human use when they are present in the water. The minerals of calcium and magnesium are the causes of water hardness. It can be quite distressing when one tries to use water with a high degree of hardness.

The Extent of Water Hardness in the US

Water Hardness in the US In the US, hard water is found almost everywhere. In fact, 85% of the country is made up of hard water. The hardness varies, and it can be seen on a map of water hardness in the country. However, this map is not used to determine the hardness in one’s locality. The local council is responsible for preparing accurate data on the water hardness in a locality.

What Problems Does Hard Water Create

Hard water creates many problems for human beings. The main problem associated with hard water is the lime scale deposits. These deposits can make the bathroom fixtures look quite unsightly. In addition, it can have disastrous consequences for the utensils in the kitchen. The biggest problem is that water with a lot of hardness requires a lot of soap. Consequently, one spends more on detergents.

Water Hardness in the USAnother common problem of hard water is that it clogs pipes. It is a major issue, especially in old homes. As a result, one should consider replacing the pipes if the house is quite old. Hard water also makes the skin feel quite dry. It can be quite uncomfortable if one is wearing tight clothes. Hard water also affects the hair negatively. It makes it look dull and lifeless.

The scale deposits also have a negative effect on a water heater. For one, it shortens how long the water heater can stay active. In addition, the mineral deposits make it harder for the water heater to work. As a result, water takes longer to heat up. It means that the energy used is also more. The result is that one has a high electricity bill over time. Besides that, hard water makes food and tea lose its taste. The change is usually quite significant. In addition, clothes wear out much faster.

How To Get Rid of The Hardness

There are two types of water hardness. One of this is known as temporary water hardness. This kind of hardness can easily be got rid of by boiling the water. The other type of water hardness is permanent. That sort of hardness cannot be removed by just boiling the water. A more specialized tool is needed to get rid of this kind of hardness.

The primary instrument used in getting rid of water hardness is a water softener. These devices are fitted with special salts that get rid of the calcium and magnesium minerals in the water. However, these devices may cause the electricity bill to rise.


Although water hardness has some adverse effects, it also has some good ones. For one, the hard water is known to prevent osteoporosis. To absorb calcium in the body, one should consume a diet that contains vitamin D.

Facts of WaterSense Labeled Showerhead


Some of the states in the United States are experiencing one of the worst droughts in memory. As a result, the EPA has been looking for ways to cut down water usage. There is recognition from all stakeholders that current water use practices are not sustainable. The water sense program is a way in which people who care about the environment can assist.

How It Works

Facts of WaterSense Labeled ShowerheadThe EPA cannot tell people what kind of showerheads they can buy. However, it can put out material that lets people know how their decisions influence the environment. The water sense program was set up as a voluntary program. With this program, people can purchase showers heads that reduce the amount of water a person uses during a bath. A typical showerhead produces about 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

The water sense program encourages manufacturers to produce showerheads that reduce this flow to about 2 gallons per minute or less. When a company does that, they earn the right to use a water sense label. It is only the EPA that can give this label. For the company to get approval, a third party is invited to conduct tests. If they find the showerhead gives results consistently, the company earns the right to use this label. It is a program that has proven to be quite successful.

The Potential Savings

Facts of WaterSense Labeled ShowerheadBy installing a water sense showerhead, a home could make huge savings. This cash could be used for other services within the home. The savings are multipronged. For one, during a shower, one will use less water. The result will be that the water heater needs to run less often to supply hot water. Secondly, the water bill will be lower. When the water heater is running less often, that means that one is saving up on energy costs. Energy represents a huge expense for any home. At the end of it, one will have more money in the pockets. It is money that can be used to conduct upgrades to the plumbing system. The result will be further savings for the home.

How Are The Standards Developed

The EPA is very concerned about consumer welfare. As a result, they do not want to bring about something that reduces comfort. The standards for water sense were developed in conjunction with a group of qualified engineers. These are people who have excelled in their respective fields. As a result, one should expect the same level of performance from a water sense showerhead as with any other showerhead. The EPA conducts vigorous tests to ensure customers are not being shortchanged.


The main issue that consumers have is with the cost. Most of them have a belief that these showerheads may be slightly more expensive. However, this is not the case. These showerheads come in a wide range of prices. With a bit of effort, one can find a showerhead that is at the right price point for them. Besides that, one will be able to recoup costs due the significant savings over time.

Key Health Benefits of Using Soft Water


Water is an essential part of life. In fact, some medical organizations say we should take eight ounces of it daily. Refusing to take enough water can have adverse effects on the digestive system. Soft water has some advantages for the human body that cannot be easily ignored.

What is Soft Water?

Key Health Benefits of Using Soft WaterWater is usually described as being hard or soft. To determine this, the levels of calcium and magnesium ions are the main mode of measurements. Soft water is thus water that does not contain these ions. If it does, they have to be at very minimal levels. The main source of soft water on earth is rain. It is the only place that one is likely to find the most amount of soft water.

Main Benefits

If one installs a water softener for their home, they stand to repay in a big way. For one, their health will see some major gains. One of the main benefits of soft water is that the body more readily absorbs it. As a result, if one was suffering dehydration, their body will have more water available. It can be a significant advantage in the hot seasons. It ensures that one does not have to make visits to the hospital because of heat stroke.

Key Health Benefits of Using Soft WaterAnother benefit of soft water is on the teeth. The minerals contained in hard water can have some effects on the teeth. Over time, one may notice that their teeth become weak. It is in addition to them becoming darker in color. Dental problems can be prevented by using soft water.

A significant health benefit of using soft water is on the skin. The skin is one of the largest organs of the human body. However, it can be easily damaged. When one bathes in hard water, a thin layer of minerals forms on the skin. Over time, this thin layer chokes the skin, making it look weaker and feel scaly. The skin is an important point of the synthesis of vitamin D. When the skin is unhealthy; it makes it hard to conduct this function well. In addition, the ski is also a way through which the body removes waste when we sweat. Skin that has closed pores will have a hard time getting rid of the waste. It could affect the body internally.

Other Health Benefits

Hair is also part of our body. However, washing it with hard water can be quite damaging. It makes it brittle, and it does not grow as long as we would want. Hairs on the skin play a major role in cooling down the body. As a result, when these hairs start to break off, it makes temperature regulation difficult. When one uses soft water, this problem is eliminated.


There are clearly a lot of health benefits to using soft water. However, hard water also has some advantages. It would be nice to drink both of these types of water once in a while. Taking too much of either can have some adverse effects on the body.