Water is full of dissolved minerals that are found naturally in nature. However, two specific types of minerals create problems for human use when they are present in the water. The minerals of calcium and magnesium are the causes of water hardness. It can be quite distressing when one tries to use water with a high degree of hardness.

The Extent of Water Hardness in the US

In the US, hard water is found almost everywhere. In fact, 85% of the country is made up of hard water. The hardness varies, and it can be seen on a map of water hardness in the country. However, this map is not used to determine the hardness in one’s locality. The local council is responsible for preparing accurate data on the water hardness in a locality.

What Problems Does Hard Water Create

Water Hardness in the USHard water creates many problems for human beings. The main problem associated with hard water is the lime scale deposits. These deposits can make the bathroom fixtures look quite unsightly. In addition, it can have disastrous consequences for the utensils in the kitchen. The biggest problem is that water with a lot of hardness requires a lot of soap. Consequently, one spends more on detergents.

Another common problem of hard water is that it clogs pipes. It is a major issue, especially in old homes. As a result, one should consider replacing the pipes if the house is quite old. Hard water also makes the skin feel quite dry. It can be quite uncomfortable if one is wearing tight clothes. Hard water also affects the hair negatively. It makes it look dull and lifeless.

The scale deposits also have a negative effect on a water heater. For one, it shortens how long the water heater can stay active. In addition, the mineral deposits make it harder for the water heater to work. As a result, water takes longer to heat up. It means that the energy used is also more. The result is that one has a high electricity bill over time. Besides that, hard water makes food and tea lose its taste. The change is usually quite significant. In addition, clothes wear out much faster.

How To Get Rid of The Hardness

Water Hardness in the USThere are two types of water hardness. One of this is known as temporary water hardness. This kind of hardness can easily be got rid of by boiling the water. The other type of water hardness is permanent. That sort of hardness cannot be removed by just boiling the water. A more specialized tool is needed to get rid of this kind of hardness.

The primary instrument used in getting rid of water hardness is a water softener. These devices are fitted with special salts that get rid of the calcium and magnesium minerals in the water. However, these devices may cause the electricity bill to rise.


Although water hardness has some adverse effects, it also has some good ones. For one, the hard water is known to prevent osteoporosis. To absorb calcium in the body, one should consume a diet that contains vitamin D.

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